CFO, COO, Leader, Consultant

About Mark


"I have known Mark Braisher since he was a college student and have been his employer twice. In each instance, he proved to be a valuable member of my team. He has an enormous capacity for work and an entrepreneurial bent that has proven a great asset in problem-solving throughout our time together.

Dr. Braisher has a wealth of experience and has excelled in a variety of settings throughout his work career. He is well regarded by colleagues and students at Randall University. Mark possesses the personal discipline and has shown himself to be a reliable participant in collaborative projects. I have appreciated his leadership and ability to meet the competing deadlines of a multifaceted university environment.

I am confident in his ability to contribute to any organization or business. Mark is a fine communicator, whether the medium is writing or speaking. He also is adept in social media..."

"...Mark Braisher proved a tireless worker in the aftermath of the 2013 tornado that destroyed much of the Moore community. The University served as a relief center for the area with supplies distributed from the gym, the dorms hosted hundreds of first responders and volunteers, while the cafeteria served three meals a day for the workers. Dr. Braisher’s logistical prowess enabled our staff and campus to effectively serve in the relief and recovery of the area."

                                                                                       --Timothy W. Eaton, Ph.D.


                                                                                          Randall University

"I count it an honor to write a letter on behalf of Dr. Mark Braisher. As a context for my recommendation, I have known Dr. Braisher for nearly 16 years. I know him both personally and professionally. As a person of character, his passion and dedication to his work are surpassed only by his integrity. He served for 12 years on the board of directors for Randall House and during his tenure occupied multiple committees, with the longest tenure on the financial committee. As the CEO of Randall House, I answer to this board and had tremendous relationship and watched Mark lead his peers on this board through many strategic decisions. He brings quite a skill set that would be valuable for any organization.

Mark’s experience exudes leadership in non-profit organizations and higher education. One cannot spend a decade and a half around a person multiple times a year and not get to know who he is, how he thinks, and most of all, how he responds under

pressure. While many positive characteristics stand out, the one that you will benefit most from is his commitment level. When he is attached to an organization, he is all in! He thinks, analyzes, and leads in ways where others may shrink back in

analysis paralysis. Mark is a thought leader and strategic thinker. He knows how to energize and lead teams of people. I endorse Dr. Mark Braisher for your highest consideration to be a key leader within your organization."

                                                                                           --Ron Hunter, Jr., Ph.D.


                                                                                              Randall House Publications


"Please accept this recommendation letter in support of Dr. Mark Braisher. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark for the past five years both as a professional contact and also as a person with a passion for empowering our community.

Dr. Braisher clearly has the academic and professional achievements necessary for the position. As a former local church pastor, professor, and university executive, Mark has consistently shown that he can excel and improve those around him. Mark's focus on · personal development and belief in lifelong learning beam from his resume and reflects a focused leader. What may be less clear is Mark's remarkable character, integrity, and willingness to exceed expectations. As long as I have known Mark, he has been driven to empower the community around him. Mark is a caring father and loving husband that understands his ability to lead starts with having a solid spiritual foundation. Above all, Mark truly embodies the kind of man I would want to lead any organization.

To be quite honest, when Mark contacted me about writing this letter, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to help. His interpersonal skills, spiritual leadership, and first-hand experience make him an ideal fit.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Mark Braisher for an executive position. He will most assuredly be a great asset."

                                                                                 --Andy Sherrer


                                                                                    Republic Bank and Trust

Summary of qualifications


● Versatile financial and operational management professional with over 30 years of executive-level experience to include strategic financial and organizational development with an emphasis in Higher Education Institutions and Not For  Profit Organizations.

Skilled in the development and implementation of innovative policies and procedures and practical application of revenue-enhancing strategies.

●Possess a hands-on, interactive management style that encourages a positive culture as well as personal and organizational team development.

professional experience





● As   CFO, I was responsible for the financial and budgetary success of a nationally recognized Christian university with an annual operating budget in excess of $7M.

● Strategically created new streams of student revenues. Student revenues increased from $2.1M to over $5.5M.

● As  COO, provided strategic, operational direction to all departments that included a staff of over 75  academic, administrative, and operational personnel. 

● Throughout my tenure, I developed innovative initiatives to increase student enrollment each year from both domestic and international sourcing as well as diversified revenue streams, resulting in a 100% increase in operational revenue. These initiatives resulted in the highest enrollment in the 60-year history of the  University. 

● Represented the University to ensure continuous compliance and accreditation with the Department of Education and appropriate accrediting associations.

● Developed collaborative relationships with international partners to disseminate the  “Randall brand” to potential student markets.

● Skilled at developing successful international relationships with ministerial and government decision-makers in potential student markets to align Randall as an “academic institution of choice” on both a  local and regional level.

● Provided regulatory, marketing, and operational oversight of University name change to improve University branding and differentiation in a highly competitive environment.

● Provided vision and management of personnel to move Randall University to an elite position in intercollegiate athletics.

Academic Dean  2012 to 2018

● Initiated and developed multiple partnerships that are producing as many as 25% of the enrollment. 

● Created the Professional Study Program that now enrolls 10% of the student enrollment. 

● Created internal systems for effective degree evaluation of current and prospective students.

● Led complete transformation of all undergraduate degree programs to be more in line with accreditors, Department of Education, and Complete College America expectations.

● Gave oversight to wholesale edit of Academic Catalog.

● Set up a    system for the systematic review of all degree programs.

● Researched and led the total transformation of the remediation process for incoming at-risk students. Presented the new system to the TRACS Convention with research and data results.

Accreditation  Engagement

●Served as a member of the TRACS Appeal Committee.

●Led Evaluation Teams on many Candidate and  Accreditation visits to a wide diversity of Institutions.

●Presented at the TRACS Convention in 2018  and 2019.


Overland Park Community Church      Overland Park, Kansas  

● Gave oversight to all ministries of a suburban church plant in a rapidly growing affluent environment. 

● Led the development & implementation of the building site and facility in compliance with city codes and regulations.  

●  Developed outreach in a   highly affluent and competitive environment. 


Rejoice  Christian School     Owasso, Oklahoma

● Served as Chief Financial Officer of a large,   growing church in a suburb of Tulsa,   providing strategic direction for stewardship and capital development leadership for the ministry. 

● Provided oversite and complete project management of capital construction projects.

● Networked and developed relationships with the needed banking institutions to secure the funding to complete building projects.

● Coordinated with the city,   county, and state agencies to meet all construction and development codes and regulations.

 ● Led a school faculty and staff of over 30 employees and the church staff of 10  individuals.

SENIOR  PASTOR    1986 - 1996

Victory Free Will Baptist Church    Kansas City, Missouri

● Provided leadership for the urban church during a time of rebuilding.

 ● Gave stability to a   disheveled congregation in crisis.

● Led church to a  place of stability and growth with the ability to hire the staff that was needed to build a vibrant ministry.

Other leadership experience

Randall House Publications

Board   of Directors

Short-term Missions

Led mission teams to Russia, Romania, Brazil, and Nigeria.

Organizational Consulting and Training

Consulted and trained in various schools and churches throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Owasso Crisis Response Team,   Owasso, OK    

Core Leadership of Crisis Response Team.

Owasso Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors,   Owasso, OK 

Served with other community leaders to lead the local Chamber of Commerce.

Boards and Offices    

Served on various local, state, and national boards of various religious and community organizations.




The University of   Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma


Midwestern Baptist   Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri


Midwestern   Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri


Randall   University, Moore, Oklahoma